Marek Hamsik Want Equate Record Of Diego Maradona

most-assists-in-2015-marek-hamsik-napoli_ttq3mm4zruul1txuslxfw9ndm – Representatives from the camp that Marek Hamsik Napoli this season has shown its aggressive appearance in soccer circles along with his teammates. Raihan goals he produced was nearing the score the most goals in the row camps after Diego Maradona was first labeled as top scorer at the end of last season. Footballers berkelahiran 29 years has produced a hundred goals since reinforce Napoli. Two goals that he complete the nets to Chievo last September to make his career becoming increasingly respected by many parties. Resistance Napoli against Chievo was then tipped score two-empty. It can be interpreted that the only difference Hamsik Edinson Cavani 4 goals on which they perched coverage ranked third with 104 goals.

Hamsik also differ fifteen point from Diego Maradona who settled in the first position. Thus, Hamsik committed to more pronounced in the derby diving later in the summer that can be achieved with a perfect record. “Every player must have the same intention and purpose in bringing teammate bagged many trophies as well as a player topskorer. So that became my desire to play in camp Napoli. Despite losing Griezmann at the end of last month, but Manager Napoli did not mind and continues to believe his squad to perform optimally as in previous years “, Call Piotr Zielinski.

Throughout the match, the biggest donation goal by Hamsik started from the year 2010 / 2011-2014 / 2015 by the number of 13 goals. By leaving a contract for four years, where Hamsik will attempt to become a player along the top scorer in Serie A. “It is very difficult to pass the record of the legendary players both domestically and in the Champions League the other. But it needs a high concentration in generating goals against rivals. Only goal difference of 15, I’ve been able to go beyond Edinson Cavani and Diego Maradona “, he explained.

Meanwhile, Partenopei position in the standings is not so good. They need four more to shift the position of Juventus in the first place that now appear so impressive. However, Hamsik believes that Napoli is a club that is able to overcome all this with high confidence that in every game anywhere.

“This is just the beginning of the competition and many more games to be our end. Therefore, we need time to fix it all “. Said Arkadiusz Milik and Dries Mertens on Soccernet site.

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