Departure of Juan Mata, Chelsea’s Mourinho quipped

juan-mata-29 – brand-new coach of Manchester United, that Jose Mourinho, was impressed with the performance shown by the appearance of Juan Mata in his squad this summer. Eyes look look stunning d every game that acted himself and often scored. That’s what makes Mourinho amazed to see the Spaniard.

With Mourinho this summer at Manchester United make the future of Mata into speculation. Therefore, the player Spaniard was never released by Mourinho when he was playing at Chelsea. Eye dilego nickname to The Red Devils- Manchester United-the transfer market in January 2014 for 37.1 million pounds. However, Mourinho dodged been selling Mata to United. The Special One said Juan Mata who had the initiative to leave to leave Chelsea.

“First of all, I never sell Juan Mata to Manchester United. The task that I have not bought or sold any players because I was a coach. I work on the field and give policy advice to the transfer of players. Again I reiterate, I never wanted him to leave to leave Chelsea. He is one of the great midfielders were always extremely important to the club, “said Mourinho told British media.

“Second, Juan Mata who asked for leave to go to leave the West London club and when a player asks to leave, I always give him a chance to think twice. However, he has the confidence to leave Chelsea to Manchester United. And with United he was always given the chance to play a lot more time, “said the Portugal national coach.

“Third is a project where I was to playing on the football team squad at Chelsea and our target is one thing pernting. While the squad I have at United, and what I always try to do at this club is a different situation. However, United and Chelsea still has a different history, “said Mourinho.

“So, Juan Mata in London Blue is one of the players in my plans. While Juan Mata in a project I was in Manchester Red is another thing. Joint United Mata success of pursuing a career as a professional soccer player, “said Mourinho.

This summer, Juan Mata has appeared in seven games with the Red Devils in all competitions. 28 years of the new players also scored as many as two goals and one assist for Manchester United.

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