Pep: Should City More Threatening Again – Care taker of the Citizens, Manchester City, named Josep Pep Guardiola, judging that the team is in a very decent indeed foster all get the perfect result at a time when berhapan with Sunderland.

But the coach is often on the call with the name of the Pep also stated that the fact his side are still less virulent or aggressive.

The match that took place at the headquarters of the greatness of the City, Manchester City won 2-1 success at home to Sunderland.

City know that they succeeded in winning first after a penalty from Sergio Kun Aguero success nets tore Sunderland at minute four, while for Sunderland at minute 71 through cooperative action very good team, successfully made Jermain Defoe wicket City as well as the equalizing goal for his team.

However, it seems the goddess Fortuna is still siding with the City, where one of the Sunderland defender named Patrick McNair, made an own goal in the final minutes of the match.

So as to make camp City secured the full three points in the first week, not only that it also makes the first win for Josep Guardiola.

“It is well worth a lot to us to be able to get a win during the match, the match in the first week would indeed be very difficult for all. Over the past few days, we’ve been talking about the issue of what should we show and do, and in the end we have done pretty well. “Said the Spanish national coach, as preached by the BBC Sports England.

“From time to time you will get a little time to be able to use a fortune, but it is regrettable once bahwasannya we should at least be able to perform more aggressive again, then the result will be much better than before. But I am sure that for the next game then what I wanted to be terkabuli. “Connect the 45-year-old coach.

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